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Free ATVTrac ORV Tracking System

From October 1st 2020, Polaris® customers will receive the ATVTrac tracking system and 12 months subscription to the digital services, free with the purchase of a new MY21 Polaris model. *

With a rise in instances of theft of ATV and more recently UTV units, we have changed our security and theft prevention measures. We have made the decision that all full-size vehicles* will be supplied with the ATVTrac tracking system free of charge.


ATVTrac is S7 Thatcham Accredited. The device protects on multiple levels, offering GPS location and radio frequency (RF) detection. The RF allows us to pin-point a device to an accuracy of just one meter.


ATVTrac is a discreet ORV tracker that monitors the movements of your machinery. Installed in the most covert location possible, giving your Polaris the best levels of protection. ATVTrac has a quick and easy registration process so that you can be protected within minutes. It allows for real time monitoring of your Polaris vehicle and allows you to select the voltage threshold for receiving low battery notifications and record journeys. All on an app that can be viewed on your smartphone or computer. The ATVTrac app allows you to login and check a lone-worker’s status on the interactive map. You can view and share the routes post-ride too.


The ATVTrac system benefits include:

  • • Multi frequency GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF – this means the tracked unit can be found more quickly and inside confined spaces such as vans and containers, unlike most other systems on the market
  • • Bike over function – If the ATVTrac detects that the machine has tipped or rolled over it will alert a pre-set group of contacts to protect lone-workers
  • • Real time monitoring for multi driver / multi machine commercial users
  • • ATVTrac offers service and reminder functions via its dedicated app. Get notifications for hour use or mileage to ensure your Polaris stays in the best condition possible.


Over and above the very important anti-theft and recovery benefits, additional features include:

  • • Greatly reduced fitting time
  • • Service interval tracking – the ATVTrac is capable of logging unit hours and notifying the you and / or the dealer of service requirements


This offer saves you the normal retail price which is £399 including vat. In addition, you can receive discounts on insurance when you have the ATVTrac system. We are the only ORV manufacturer to offer this premium level system. Giving your Polaris vehicles protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


* Excludes Youth.


Polaris 2 Year Warranty

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